About the trust

NATURE TRAVEL WILDLIFE CONSERVATION AND VETERINARY TRUST was founded by Nick Buys, a passionate wildlife and conservation veterinarian.

Nick was born and raised in the beautiful country of Namibia, a privilege that made Africa and its wildlife a concrete part of his childhood. His passion for birds and other wildlife of this beautiful country led to his decision to follow a career in wildlife. After completing his Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree from the University of Pretoria, he worked extensively in the Caprivi region where he was involved in various wildlife research and community projects. He has worked with several carnivore and endangered species conservation organisations and is experienced in conservation tourism in Namibia.

Nick and his team manage the Nature Travel Clinic based close to Outjo on the property of REST (Rare and Endangered Species Trust). The clinic provides domestic and wildlife veterinary services as well as emergency translocation and treatment of wildlife species in the surrounding area.

“I have been fortunate to be exposed to conservation programs and concerns in Namibia from my childhood days which continued through my studies and work as a conservation veterinarian. This together with experience at other conservation organisations and in conservation tourism allowed me to form my own conclusion on what I believe is the way forward in tourism in this part of the world. There are several great conservation organisations in Namibia all doing fantastic work but with this initiative I really believe that we can contribute where there is a real conservation need and continue to help preserve the wildlife and habitat of this amazing and beautiful country.”
Nick Buys – founder of the Nature Travel Wildlife Conservation & Veterinary Trust


The main aim of the Trust is to play an active role in wildlife conservation in Namibia and Africa, both by providing veterinary services and assisting with veterinary related expenses for injured wildlife and emergency translocation of wildlife species, and by contributing to the resolution of conservation related matters in the region.

The Trust will further aim to assist the public and other conservation role players by having veterinarians, veterinary equipment, veterinary medicine and veterinary expertise/knowledge available and on standby.