What we do

There are so many species on the endangered list and to choose where to get involved is something that we consider with care. Currently we use our expertise and resources to get involved in and around Namibia to make a difference.

Namibia Wildlife Conservation Response

Our team of wildlife veterinarians, biologists and conservationists are on standby to assist with wildlife rescue and vet care across Namibia.

Conservation organisation and wildlife research work

We work with other conservation organisations and wildlife researchers working with endangered species by offering veterinary assistance.

Save The Rhino Trust Namibia

We are very proud to support this wonderful organization doing magnificent work with Rhino in Namibia. We organise a yearly Save the Rhino walking adventure to help raise funds in support of the Desert Adapted Black Rhino in Namibia.


We organise spay and vaccination campaigns to prevent the spread of diseases such as Rabies and Canine Distemper from stray domestic dogs to the endangered African Wild Dog.

African Wild Dog Project

We are planning a new exciting and potentially game changing initiative to help mitigate conflict between African Wild Dogs and farmers on communal and commercial farms. More info to follow soon.